After a fan attempted to sell shoes to pay for the burial expenses, U.S. JJ Watt assists in covering the expenditures.

The Arizona Cardinals defensive end surprised a Texas woman who sought to sell her JJ Watt sneakers to generate money for her grandfather’s burial expenses.

The day after Father’s Day, Jennifer Simpson’s grandpa passed away, and her family had been scrambling for weeks to get the funds to bury him. Simpson tweeted that she was selling the women’s version of the Reebok JJ Watt shoes for $30 in order to raise money.

She commented on Wednesday, adding that she was also selling a Watt jersey for the Houston Texans, “They are wonderful shoes, I’m just selling because we are raising money for my grandpas burial.”

KHOU claims that Watt swiftly transferred the funds via PayPal. Watt “lifted a load off of us,” the family told the station, and they also expressed appreciation to the many individuals who have assisted them.

Simpson remarked, “These individuals don’t know us or our experience. “They are unaware of our experiences over the past month. It serves as a reminder of the good in the world.”

Watt’s kindness has already been on show. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, he gave $100,000 and organized an internet fundraising campaign to aid the victims, which ultimately raised close to $42 million.

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