Basketball Shoes on Kevin Durant’s Favorite List Basketball sneakers are a wonderful fit for Kevin Durant.

One of the many reasons why his supporters like him is the fact that Kevin Durant will always speak his thoughts. The Brooklyn Nets forward had an open response on his kicks today.

Raheel Ramzanali questioned Durant about whether he had ever covertly hooped in the trademark shoes of other players for amusement or research. Durant answered, “Kobe’s, Jordan’s, and Kai’s, sir Though Bron doesn’t produce 18s, I want to test his and Giannis’ sneakers. But there is nothing like those godlike KDS.”

He gave a sensible response that adhered to business policy. In the worlds of baseball and basketball, Nike’s Kobe collection continues to be the most well-liked. The Nike brand includes Jordan Brand. Durant’s teammate and another Nike athlete is Kyrie Irving (both very tenuous at the moment). Durant also expressed interest in wearing LeBron James’ and Giannis Antetokounmpo’s shoes while competing.


Despite his request for a trade, it appears like Durant will play for the Brooklyn Nets again the following year. He’ll be donning the Nike KD 15, his most recent signature shoe. For the latest

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